I've got to say, Gary Vanyerchuk just tells it like it is... no B.S. 

The video is about 32 minutes long, but it's worth the time, especially if you are still using 10 year old marketing method, and althought they might work... they may not work so well in the next few years. 

What he talks about is mainly his opinions, based on the data that his media company has brought forth, but I personally believe that he's right as i've seen similar trends as to what he's talking about.

A very eye opening keynote from Gary Vanyerchuk, worth the time and quite refreshing.

P.S. : Gary does use some 'not for children' language, you have been warned...

Gary Vaynerchuk is stealing my rants?


Well, today is June 26th and the new Transformers movie is being released. I've been anticipating this one for a while... mainly because me and my son share a few hours watching a movie series we both enjoy!

The trailer does seem to give us a lot more about the story than previous teasers and this has only made me want to see it even more. I am a fan of the Transformers ever since they came on TV on the weekends when I was growing up and this seems to bring the story closer to what I remember from the show.

Also, if you are un-familiar with the movies, I found this page off the IMDb website. It has all the details of who stars in the movie, for those of you who might not be familiar with the site it stands for INTERNET MOVIE DATAbase.

The latest installment of the Transformers franchise is still being directed by world renowned Michael Bay, which I find is a good match for any action movie. But the rest of the movie cast has been totally rebooted, as we don't have teenager role from Shia LeBoeuf anymore, the studio has upgraded to include Mark Walhberg as a starring role this time around. Could make things more interesting...

With a budget of $165 Millions for the production of Transformers - Age of Extinction, and a running time of 165 minutes, that's a whopping $1,000,000 per minute. Not a record i'm sure, but still a pretty expensive project in my mind. Although i'm pretty sure Paramount Pictures will get back a lot more than what they've invested into it. 

If your a fan of iPhone games related to movies, you can find one on the official website for Transformers : Age of Extinction. I've attached a screenshot of the site just so you know you are on the right page.

I don't really read reviews for movies before going, mainly because we all like different films and how are we supposed to enjoy a movie with a predefined opinion of what to expect. When it comes to movies, I think i'm a good enough judge to know if I like it or not.

But a friend of mine did mention it has a really low rating on the rotten tomatoes movie review site. And he wasn't kidding either... look for yourself!

From what I'm seeing they are not expecting anything spectacular about the movie itself other than the special effects or CGI's. But I also noticed that most of us still want to see it at least once.

I'm heading out to see it in a few hours from now, if it's not too late i'll come back and add to this post with my thoughts about the movies, without any spoilers.

[Update : June 27 @ 1:13 AM]

Well, i've just got back from the movie and althought I had high hopes for this movie in the series, it was good but not great! I certainly enjoyed it but will I be seeing it again? hmm I can't say yet, but i'm not that hooked on this one. 

The cast was good, the story well... it could have been better, but the action scene's were pretty insane in my opinion. 

What's missing is a good storyline, especially for a movie that's 2 and a half hour. There's only so many actions sequence you can squeeze in to keep the movie interesting.

Each movie could have been made independant of each other, since it's always about aliens trying to invade planet earth. The first one was and still is the best one out of all of them.. and the 3rd one (Dark Side of the Moon) was cool because of the moon element attached to the movie some is based on real events (as in the landing on the moon). 

If you are in the mood for an entertaining evening of action scenes, this is the movie to go see this weekend. My son really enjoyed it, even thinks this is the best one yet... so who knows, maybe i'm just getting old, haha! 


There are many ways to make money online, but finding the right opportunity is not exaclty the easiest thing to figure out. Network Marketing is just one of the many options available out there. But within the network marketing industry there are hundreds if not thousands of different companies that one can join.

How can you find the best possible network marketing company to join?

Well, let's look at a few things you might want to consider

The Compensation Plan

Not only do you want to make sure you are able to earn a few dollars while promoting your business, but you want to earn a good share of the selling price. Why would you give most of your money to the company where you are putting all the hard work to tell the people around you about the great product or service you have to offer them.

There are many compensation plans options, simply make sure that you read and understand how it works. I suggest asking the person who referred you to the opportunity to explain it to you, this way you'll quickly erase any assumptions you might have thought of.

The Products and/or Services

Will you be happy and proud to share the products and services you sell? If you think the product your selling is junk, but you figured you'd sell it because the compensation plan was very interesting... you are in for a surprise when you end up without a single unit sold.

It's important that you believe in the products or services that you sell. Without this you'll never be able to create a story about how this product helped you, and without this, no one will ever see the value that it's brought to you and possibly to them.

Leadership Council

Are the owners of the company people you would like to meet one day? Are they looked upon as mentors to other people in the company or are they simply trying to fill their pockets with your cash?

These are all valid questions, as there are many type of company owners out there. Those that offer valuable information to their followers are usually the ones with the most successful companies in the network marketing industry.

Always try to work with a company that has integrity and passion for what they do. Leaders like Dave Wood & Dave Sharpe are a rare breed in this industry. 

Are you driven to succeed?

This is your business, how much do you want it to succeed? Network Marketing, like any business is built and maintained by you, no one else... your success depends solely on your efforts. 

Most people who start in the business blame everything and everyone except for themselves. That is a flawed mindset and will results in only one outcome... Failure!

Belief is the main driver behind any business, either it fails or it succeeds, but all of it is happening based on your mental state, your vision, your drive to take massive actions every single day.

Bonus Tip : Have a Budget

Many people just want to jump on their computers, start a home-based business without a goal, without a vision and most importantly, without a budget. They spend days, weeks and months trying to make money online only to come up short and broke. 

If you want to succeed, you'll need to set aside a budget for your business. Every business needs one, it's critical to know if you can afford the expenses a business generates. 

Sure, there might be opportunities being sold as a "Free Method" to make money online, but never forget there is always a catch. If it's FREE, most likely it requires you to exchange your time for it to work. So in the end, you have to budget... 

Are you budgeting with your money (wallet) or with your time (schedule)? Knowing the difference between these 2 things is critical to any business success. 

This vet decided to try it out what many pet owners have maybe found themselves doing once in a while. Leaving your pet in a hot car even with slightly opened windows is not enough to keep your dog or cat cool. 

Watch as the timer goes up in increments of 5 mins and that temperature rises over 20 degrees over the whole period of time.

Leave a comment, or share it with your friends so they are informed of the dangers of leaving pets in hot vehicles.


Hey fans of TMNT! 

Are you excited about the newest Ninja Turtle movie? Here's the latest trailer... it has more of a story to it then any previous trailers before this.

Watch the trailer below...

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